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IntenSati Classes

My life's journey has lead up to studying and now teaching IntenSati. Intention meets mindfulness in this unique cardio and strength class that invites participants to repeat positive affirmations as you move. The class is transformative because it encourages you to be empowered and choose to be a warrior over a winer as you work out. We discover that change happens only when we have the courage to push past our comfort zone. The class involves themes of tapping into your inner strength and intuition, recognizing the infinite power and potential of your choices, and encourages embracing an attitude of gratitude which filters into your everyday life! I am thrilled to share this practice with as many people as I can because I know in my heart that Inten Sati is an unbelievable tool to live a healthier more balanced life!
All of the IntenSati Classes are listed under schedule at       htttp://www.intensati.com

Fitness Fusion Thursdays 7:30pm included 30-45 minutes of intensati!

IntenSati is the practice of deliberate thinking. We put into action powerful thoughts and beliefs that support the intentions we hold to change and transform our life. For example, if someone wants to lose weight, but believes he or she will not succeed, then that person, unfortunately, will not lose weight, because thought inspires the action taken. In intenSati, one of the thought patterns we practice is, "I believe I will succeed!" We hold this thought or say it repeatedly in rhythm while we do a simple series of punches for a minimum of one minute. In this, we are thinking, speaking, and acting in a way that we can embody the belief. This new thought pattern we hold becomes real and moves us into a powerful state. In an instant, we can change our mind and in an instant, we can change how we see ourselves and then our actions become powerfully inspired. Basically, we practice feeling good. When we feel good, we make better choices, which leads to feeling better. When we feel better we attract better opportunities.

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