Personal Training

Private training sessions including a fitness evaluation with fitness and wellness expert Heather Funston to take place at your home, in the park, or at Heather's studio.  Session can be for one person or two and will include an assessment of your cardio respiratory & muscular strength and endurance. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), Maximum Heart Rate (MHR), and Recovery Heart Rate (RHR) will be assessed to help you monitor training progress and changes to maximize your caloric deficit and over all results.  You will receive recommendations for continuing your fitness journey.  $100 for an hour session, 4 session package $300 = $75 hour

Private Yoga
Session can be for one person or two. Heather is a Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher. She has taught in many studios on the East side, in Los Angeles Schools, offices, and privately.    Heather teaches Hatha, Kundulini, Power, Kids’,  Teen, Family, Parent & Me, Seniors, Restorative, and Pre & Post natal Yoga.  She loves to blend components of Hatha, Kundulini, Iyengar, and Ashtanga into her classes.  Over the last five years, her entire life and sense of herself has transformed dramatically for the better due to her personal practice.  She wants to share the gifts she has received with you. She invites you to practice with her in an environment of non-judgment, love, acceptance and joy! $100 for an hour session,4 session package $300 = $75 hour

 Semi-private Small Group Training &/or Yoga
Three to six people. This is a great way to receive personal attention, create a sense of group support, and save money.  Cost affected by number of sessions booked, location, time of the day.  You must book a minimum of four sessions at a time.

3 people $90 ($30 each)1 hour session, 4 session package $360

4 people $100 ( $25 each)1 hour session,  4 session package $400

5 people $100 ( $20 each) 1 hour session, 4 session package $400

6 people $90 ($15 each) 1 hour session, 4 session package $360

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Personal Training

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