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What people are saying...

"I have taken classes with Heather for a couple months now at Shakti Box. I love taking her classes because she is very funny, very patient and very knowledgeable. As a beginner coming into yoga looking for more of a challenging exercise rather than a religion/life style, I found that most yoga teachers gave a bit too much of the spiritual chanting/talk that I wasn't really into. Heather isn't as much concerned with spirituality as she is with making sure you, the student, gets the most out of the practice and that you have fun (she always encourages smiles!)." 

"You will not find a better trainer anywhere else.   Heather teaches and knows the following:   yoga, pilates, weight training, kickboxing, and offers a bootcamp on Saturday mornings in Griffith Park.  She is exceptionally dedicated and will go the extra-mile to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need.  If you want to lose weight, she knows how hard that is and will make sure you reach that goal.  She's lost about 100 lbs herself.  If you're  already at your goal weight and simply want to maintain.  Well, guess what?  She can do that too.   I love working out with her.  I'm losing weight and toning up.  I have muscles again!!  I'm on my way to my goal weight but best of all is that she has made me love working out.  I look forward to my work-outs."

"I have yet to meet another trainer, or individual for that matter, who understands the marriage between mind and body more than Heather.  Whether it is one-on-one training or in a class/group setting, she has a way to make you push passed any previously perceived limits and feel stronger and more able than ever.  Her background in yoga as well as running, spinning, kickboxing (amongst a ton of others) makes her workouts fun and interesting.....never a moment where you feel bored in a workout. Besides all of the amazing credentials, SHE GETS IT! She lost and maintained a 95 lb weight loss and understands the struggle....she helped changed my outlook on life forever :)" 

"Heather's a dynamic instructor....whether she's working with you as a Trainer, Yoga or IntenSati instructor.      Her enthusiasm, knowledge and energy electrify and inspire you as you get one of the best workouts in town!   She goes the extra mile and truly is dedicated and compassionate about what she does!    I drive 45 minutes just to train with her....because....she's worth it.    I know she brings her best to every class and she definitely cares about me and helping me meet my goals!"

"Heather Funston, a profession instructor of unleashed yoga, fitness and boot camp for private or group. She teach at Shakti box, Heartbeat House and Griffith Park Boot Camp every week. Please click the link or call her for schedule. She is an excellent instructor who change my work out life.  I am happier and healthier after I take her class in just one month!!! She is very friendly and sweet...and her dog coco is a charm."

"Heather is the kind of yoga teacher you want to tell everyone about, even though you'd like to keep her all to yourself:) I have been practicing yoga for 15 years, and I am very picky in regards to teachers. Heather's instruction is a perfect balance of effort and relaxation, of focus and lightheartedness, of stillness and powerful movement. She also finds a way to keep advanced students feeling challenged, and beginners feeling supported and enthusiastic. Weather you take her class or treat yourself to a private lesson, she has so much to offer you and your practice! (She even has by donation classes at the Shakti Box studio on the East Side!)"

I can't say enough great things about Heather. She is excellent with all levels from seasoned yogis to those just starting out, and her knowledge about yoga from philosophy to asana is bottomless, Her classes at the Shakti Box are the absolute highlight of my week. I walk away feeling lifted and aligned.When you take a class with Heather you feel both challenged and like you just spent time with one of your best friends who lifts you to being a better person. 

Heather introduced me to Yoga a year ago and I haven't looked back. Her classes are filled with joy. I highly recommend working out with Heather - it is a gift to your mind, body and spirit. Miss Funston is an inspirational human being and the most engaging yoga teacher I have ever worked with. 

A wonderful teacher, an amazing person! Heather is incredibly knowledgeable and is excellent for all types of students and all different body types. She is extremely accomodating, patient and helpful. I highly recommend her to everyone!!

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